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Are you having a difficult time finding a used vehicle that fits your needs? The car-buying process can be a daunting task for anyone without the right tools, resources, and assistance. Maybe you’ve been looking for a used Mini Cooper for a while now, or maybe you’ve just been trying to scope your options. Either way, it’s a tedious task. We understand this and want to help. At Street Smart Auto Brokers, we've helped match clients in the Colorado Springs area with their perfect vehicles for nearly 10 years. We have a wide selection of used Mini Coopers for sale in Colorado Springs, and we’re prepared to help you find the perfect one for you! 

About Mini Cooper Vehicles

When it comes to the Mini Cooper, there aren't many car brands more iconic than this one. It has a frame that people recognize from a mile away and is one of the most enjoyable cars to drive around in.

It all started in 1957 in England. Fuel prices were high, and gas-guzzling cars were starting to become an impractical way of getting around. Sir Leonard Loyd issued Alec Issigonis, his top engineer at Morris Company, a challenge to create the next great fuel-efficient car for anyone to enjoy.

Issigonis ended up creating more room in the cockpit by relocating the wheels to the outer corners of the frame and having the engine sit sideways. This also helped give the vehicle more stability during tight turns as well as more room for passengers.

In 1959, Issigonis completed his design and it was available to the public. They called the vehicle a Mini — the perfect name for the much smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle compared to other England vehicles at the time.

The vehicle quickly became a 1960s phenomenon as the public rallied around the vehicle's popularity. It was appealing to everyone, from milkmen to celebrities. In 1961, it started to be recognized as more of a performance car and was updated thanks to John Cooper, a racing legend.

Cooper placed a bigger engine inside the Mini, gave it bigger brakes, and made several other adjustments. It wasn't long before his design turned into the Classic Mini Cooper. The Mini Cooper became a preferred racing vehicle and even won the Netherlands Tulip Rally in 1962.

Used Mini Cooper for Sale in Colorado Springs
Used Mini Cooper for Sale in Colorado Springs

Why Buy a Mini Cooper?

If you were wondering what makes the Mini Cooper so popular and fun, we've listed some of the most prominent reasons consumers gravitate towards the vehicle brand:

  1. They are known to be fuel-efficient and get between 25-35 miles per gallon.
  2. Placing the wheels wider out and turning the engine sideways helps create more space while keeping the vehicle small.
  3. The innovative wheel placement also helps give the Mini Cooper a go-kart feel.
  4. Mini Cooper vehicles are great with tight turns and handling.
  5. They also have good balance and grip with a majority of the weight on the front wheels.

In addition to that, you get the luxury of saying you own a Mini Cooper and showing it off to all your friends. With the capability of fitting four adults inside comfortably, the Mini Cooper will become your new go-to when car-pooling.

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