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We Sell the Best Used Buick Colorado Springs Has to Offer

Any fan of the General Motor brand is bound to gravitate towards the Buick make when shopping for a used vehicle. It's a popular brand that's been around for nearly 120 years and continues to pump out luxury-type vehicles to a more affordable market.

While shopping for the best used Buick Colorado Springs has to offer is a rewarding experience, it can be daunting when exhausting all of your options. Since Buick has been popular for so long, finding used Buicks is never hard -- but finding the right one for you can be.

At Street Smart Auto Brokers, we take our role in the car-buying process seriously. We understand most people shopping for a used vehicle are either first-timers or recently had to go through a tough breakup with their last vehicle (either via crash or age).

We want to make sure everyone receives a quality experience when looking for the best Buick Colorado Springs has to offer. That's why we remain by your side throughout the entire process to ensure you understand exactly what you're buying.

Before you start searching for a used Buick, there are some things you should know about the Buick brand -- such as the history of the brand, what makes them so popular, and mistakes to avoid when purchasing a used vehicle. Don't worry, we'll break it all down for you below.


The History of the Buick Brand

When looking at some of the most historic car brands in the world, not many share a more historic run than Buick. Today, it's known as being a part of the General Motors family. What many people don't realize is that the Buick brand is what invented the General Motors family.

The Buick brand began in 1899 under the name Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company. It didn't become Buick Motor Company until 1903, when David Dunbar Buick renamed the company. The company would be taken over by James H. Whiting and William C. Durant, who kept the name, but moved it to Flint, Michigan.

Five years after the move, the car brand had enjoyed a large amount of success. After several corporate acquisitions, the Buick brand embarked on a new journey along with a wide range of other car brands -- a family that became known as General Motors.

At first, the family acted as rivals to each other, but Whiting and Durant ceased an end to this by having each car brand target a specific class of buyer. The Buick brand, while not the highest-class in the family, was certainly near the top and only the Cadillac was rated higher.

The Buick brand still occupies that standing in GM's lineup today. It's a high-quality vehicle, but doesn't cost the buyer quite as much as a Cadillac -- making it a more appealing and affordable option. It's the oldest active North American car make and there's a reason it has remained so popular to a wide range of individuals for so long.

Why Are Buicks So Popular Today?

Aside from being one of the most affordable luxury car brands on the market today, there's so much to love about the Buick car brand. It provides everything you need in a vehicle -- plus some -- and allows you the opportunity to say you own a Buick. It's a proud moment for anyone, trust us.

If you were on the fence about purchasing a used Buick for your next vehicle, we have some reasons that might persuade you towards a Yes:

  1. Variety - with mid-sized sedans, sporty sedans, full sedans, convertibles, crossovers, small-sized SUVs, midsize SUVs, full-sized SUVs, and luxury wagons, there's a Buick for everyone.
  2. Technology - Buick's use the latest technology to enhance the experience for drivers and passengers, including Wifi, voice recognition, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Connectivity, Real-Time Maps, touchscreen interfaces, an app tailored for your vehicle, remote access, and vehicle diagnostics.
  3. Affordability - although Buick already features an affordable luxury car lineup when buying new, choosing to buy a used one can save you even more money when shopping for a vehicle.
  4. Comfortability - if you get the opportunity to test drive a Buick, you won't need to know anything more about the vehicle because you'll be sold immediately. There's something about driving a Buick that other car brands can't compare to.

As you can see, wanting to find the best used Buick Colorado Springs has to offer isn't a bad idea. You know you'll be getting a quality vehicle from a brand that's been doing this longer than any other car brand in the United States -- and even more than most of the car brands worldwide. 

Can You Trust Street Smart Auto Brokers?

Street Smart Auto Brokers is ready to be your trusted Colorado Springs used car dealership. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service to ensure our customers receive an exciting and rewarding experience when finding their next vehicle.

We understand how crucial this process is, whether you're looking for your child's first vehicle, replacing a vehicle that's no longer around, or adding a second vehicle to your garage. We want to help make this an easy process so you can focus on what matters most -- finding the vehicle you've always wanted.

To ensure you're met with the best experience, we also service your vehicle. We can handle oil changes, flat repairs, engine diagnostics, vehicle inspections, alignment services, and much more to ensure your car is in the best shape possible.

Not only that, but we have a finance center that can help you receive a loan for the car of your dreams and drive off with that car the same day. It's all about making it as easy as possible for you to find the best used Buick Colorado Springs has to offer.

Contact Street Smart Auto Brokers today to receive help from Colorado Springs' most trusted professionals. We can't wait to assist you with finding your next vehicle and are excited to share our showroom with you.

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