What is GAP Insurance?

GAP insurance makes sure that if your vehicle gets totaled out, that you don't get stuck paying off the loan because your insurance company didn't cover it.  Insurance companies replace market value on your vehicle in the event of a total loss, but pay no attention to what you may owe.  This leaves many customers paying for vehicle they no longer can drive.  This is where GAP insurance comes in.  They pay the remainder of your loan balance so you don't have to, including your deductible.

Do I need an Extended Service Contract?

Street Smart does everything we can to put quality cars on the road.  However, vehicles are mechanical and made of many moving parts and electronics.  Therefore, issues are a part of owning a vehicle.  If at all possible, most people try to buy vehicles still under a factory warranty, For those who don't we have extended service contracts available to help lower your overall cost of ownership.  It is a great way to protect your recent investment in making sure your not paying for costly repairs during your ownership.  This also helps with your monthly budget by eliminating potentially thousands of dollars in unplanned expense's.  It is always easier to pay a few bucks more a month than to drain your savings or checking account for unexpected repairs.  Street Smart uses one of the most reliable and reputable extended service contract companies in the nation. Century Automotive Services has partnered with hundreds of dealers across the nation. They are a nationwide warranty company, when you are in need of repairs simply go to any certified ASE repair facility in your area, if you are in Colorado Springs, just bring it to our service center and we can get you back on the road.  Century also adds at no extra charge 24 hour roadside assistance, and trip interruption when you are traveling. Be sure to ask a Business Manager about what programs are available for your recent used car or truck purchase.

Don't get stuck with another Costly repair bill again! Extend Mechanical Coverage past the Factory Limits

  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance
  • Trip interruption Coverage
  • Windshield, Dent and Ding Protection
  • Depreciation Protection
  • Theft Protection